Concerned About Tonsil Stones? Avoid These 3 Building Blocks

Published: 18th June 2010
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Science tells us that there are three building blocks that help to create tonsil stones. Unfortunately, any ONE of these can cause the stones to form. It is actually extremely common for two of these building blocks to be present for the stones to form. This article will reveal the 3 most common building blocks commonly known to the medical community.

Dead White Blood Cells

Possibly the most common building block are white blood cells that are dead and no longer functioning.

White blood cells contain the basic matter that create the formation of calcified deposits that are the basis for the tonsil stone.

many different theories exist about how the while blood cells accumulate in the back portion of the mouth.Each of these theories probably has an element of scientific validity to support them.

However, it is key to understand that the presence of raw material exists within these dead white blood cells, and can help to create the optimum environment to nurture the growth of tonsilloliths.

Oral Bacteria

Another main building block that contributes to the formation of the tonsil stone is oral bacteria.

It is easy to understand how bacteria can accumulate in the back of the mouth, near the entrance to to the throat. It is a virtual "super highway" for all sorts of materials to go through this region.

Unquestionably, bacteria is present in what we eat and drink. In addition, airborne bacteria can invade the area as we breathe through our nose or mouth.

Under some conditions, oral bacteria can flourish and contribute to the dead white blood cells in forming tonsil stones.

Activity From The Salivary Glands

Finally, the process may be assisted with a high degree of activity of the salivary glands.

The glands can become overactive, and this can cause the production of additional enzymes. These enzymes, when madein correct quantities, are important for starting the digestion process.

The fact is, when enzymes are too numerous, the food begins to break down prematurely. This causes food to begin to dissolve while still in the back of the mouth.

Calcified remains accumulate in the crevasses of the tonsils. Foreign matter present in the area can lead to some sort of difficulty over time.

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